5L-30L 500D PVC 방수 드라이백 맞춤형 드라이클리닝 백

설명 5L-30L 500D PVC 방수 드라이백 맞춤형 드라이클리닝 백

Introducing our versatile range of 5L-30L 500D PVC waterproof dry bags, meticulously crafted to meet your outdoor needs with precision and reliability. As a leading manufacturer with over 28 years of expertise, we prioritize performance, quality, and customization, ensuring you have the perfect companion for your adventures.

Size Capacity Parameters: Available in 5 different sizes ranging from 5L to 30L, our dry bags cater to various storage needs, whether you’re embarking on a short hike or an extended camping trip.
Materials: Constructed from durable 500D PVC tarpaulin, our dry bags boast exceptional strength and waterproof properties, providing maximum protection for your belongings in any weather condition.
Craftsmanship: Utilizing high-frequency seamless welding technology, each dry bag is impeccably crafted to ensure airtight seals and superior durability, guaranteeing your gear stays dry and secure.
Production Technology: Our commitment to quality extends to our production processes, adhering to ISO 9000 standards and employing advanced techniques to deliver products of unparalleled reliability and performance.
Manufacturing Management: With a state-of-the-art facility spanning over 20,000 square meters and a team of over 400 skilled professionals, we prioritize efficiency and scalability in our manufacturing operations, ensuring timely delivery and consistent quality.
Customization is at the core of our offering, with options to tailor the size, color, and logo according to your preferences. Whether you’re kayaking, beachcombing, rafting, or hiking, our custom dry cleaning bags are designed to meet the demands of your active lifestyle.

Experience peace of mind knowing your valuables are safeguarded against water damage with our reliable and versatile dry bags. Choose durability, choose performance, choose customization. Choose our 5L-30L 500D PVC waterproof dry bags for your next outdoor excursion.

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쿨러 및 방수 쿨러 MAX 백에 대한 FAQ

1. 방수 및 쿨러백의 재질은 무엇인가요?
A: 저렴한 비닐 버전보다 10배 더 강한 강력한 TPU로 만들어졌습니다.
2. 전문 자격증이 있나요?
답: 물론이죠. 당사의 제품은 ROHS, IPX7 및 ISO를 통과했으며 품질이 보장되어야 하며 무료로 구입할 수 있습니다.
3. 물속에서 가방을 사용할 수 있나요?
A: 네, 물 속에서도 전화기를 조작할 수 있습니다. 보트타기, 낚시, 서핑, 수영, 다이빙 등에 사용됩니다.
야외 운동.
4. 가방을 물에 담가도 되나요?
A: 이 문제를 해결하기 위해 가방에 EVA를 추가하므로 BAG가 익사할 염려가 없습니다.
5. 패키지 가격은 얼마입니까?
A: 우리는 이 패키지를 만들기 위해 가장 좋은 재료를 선택했기 때문에 우리 제품 가격이 다른 제품보다 비쌀 수도 있지만
품질과 서비스가 최고입니다.