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wholesale custom lunch cooler bags

Welcome to our series of custom lunch cooler bags! We’re a manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality, personalized lunch coolers. We provide excellent products for distributors in Europe and America to help you solidify your market presence. Custom lunch cooler bags are practical promotional items. Packing food into personalized lunch coolers for work or school brings joy. 

Economical Marketing with Customized Cooler MAX Lunch Coolers

Opting for Cooler MAX for customized lunch cooler bags is a cost-effective marketing choice. Our professional design team can create various styles you need, offering ideal lunch coolers at wholesale prices, and exceeding retail quality.

Ultra-Insulated, Custom Lunch Coolers Maintain <40°F for Over 24 Hours

We employ advanced insulation technology and high-quality TPU insulation materials to ensure our products can maintain low temperatures for extended periods, even in hot summer or outdoor environments, meeting consumers’ demand for refrigeration effects

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Durable raw materials, personalized and durable lunch cooler bag

We possess advanced production equipment and techniques, utilizing high-wear-resistant raw materials to produce long-lasting custom lunch cooler bags suitable for various outdoor activities and daily use scenarios, providing consumers with reliable product choices

Thoughtful Design, Custom Practical Lunch Cooler Bag

We focus on user needs, designing with a human touch, equipped with comfortable handles and straps, enhancing utility with waterproof zippers and optional accessories. Considering user comfort and convenience, we provide adjustable shoulder straps and comfortable shoulder pads. Additionally, we employ a magnetic closure mechanism to ensure effective sealing, preventing temperature leakage, maintaining the freshness and refrigeration of food and beverages, thus offering users a high-quality dining experience

EVA foam

Our lunch cooler bag is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring comfortable handles and straps for easy portability. Waterproof zippers and optional accessories enhance product utility and convenience

To ensure prolonged user comfort during carrying, we have considered the design of the lunch cooler bag, providing adjustable shoulder straps and comfortable shoulder pads

Adopting a magnetic closure mechanism ensures effective sealing, preventing temperature leaks, and maintaining the freshness and refrigeration of food and beverages, offering users a high-quality dining experience

Leak-Proof Technology, Custom Lunch Cooler Bag With Food Safety And Hygiene

Utilizing waterproof sealing technology and design, our custom lunch cooler bag ensures that food or beverages won’t leak due to accidental spills, protecting users from the inconvenience and food hygiene issues caused by food or liquid leakage

Versatile in function, suitable for various scenarios

Layered Design cooler

Our product offers multiple cooler bag opening options, making it easy for all types of users to use. It ensures that the lunch cooler bag can effectively seal in various usage scenarios, preserving the freshness and hygiene of food

We use durable materials and craftsmanship to ensure that the lunch cooler bag can be used normally in various harsh environments, meeting the durability requirements of outdoor enthusiasts

Adjustable storage configuration facilitates organization, with a top-fold design allowing flexible changes and providing versatile storage space, meeting different user needs and enhancing product utility

Compact and lightweight, the manifestation of our wholesale custom lunch cooler bags production capability.

Our custom lunch cooler bags prioritize compactness and lightweight design, showcasing our factory’s strength in product research and development:

Advanced Design Team
We have a professional design team with rich experience and innovative abilities, capable of designing lunch cooler bags with suitable dimensions and compact structures.
Advanced Production Equipment
We utilize advanced production equipment and techniques to accurately control product dimensions and weight, ensuring the compact and lightweight performance of our products.
Premium Materials Selection
We choose lightweight and durable materials, combined with advanced material techniques, enabling our lunch cooler bags to maintain a lightweight yet highly durable and abrasion-resistant quality.
Strict Quality Control
We rigorously control product quality to ensure that each lunch cooler bag meets high-quality standards, providing consumers with reliable product choices.

Our lunch cooler bag products boast outstanding performance and quality, making them the ideal choice for your outdoor gear and brand promotion needs. Feel free to contact us for more product details and collaboration opportunities!

Easy-to-clean design, showcasing our dedication to customer satisfaction with our custom lunch cooler bags

Our custom lunch cooler bags feature an easy-to-clean design, reflecting our factory’s meticulous consideration in product design and user experience

Humanized Design Concept

We prioritize user experience and integrate easy-to-clean design into our product considerations, aiming to provide consumers with a more convenient usage experience

cooler strap
custom printed insulated food bag

Premium Material Selection

We choose materials with smooth surfaces, treated to ensure interior surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, reducing cleaning time and effort

Exquisite Manufacturing Craftsmanship

We employ refined manufacturing techniques to ensure the interior surfaces of our products are smooth and free of dead angles and residues, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance for users

Robust Base

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

We rigorously control every detail to ensure that the easy-to-clean performance of our products reaches the highest level, enabling consumers to enjoy a more convenient user experience

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