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Custom Waterproof Dry Bags from Manufacturer

Gender: Unisex
Brand: OEM/ODM customization
Capacity: 25 liters or customizable
Closure Type: Roll-top
Handle/Strap Type: Soft handle
Liner Material: PVC
Features: Waterproof
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 pieces
Packaging Details: Each backpack is packed in a plastic bag, several pieces per carton.
Supply Ability: 2000 pieces per month.

20+ years custom waterproof dry bag industry

Cooler MAX Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of outdoor equipment, tourism supplies, outdoor waterproof bags, and marine sports products. The company boasts a large technical and design team, standardized business processes, and a rational personnel structure. It operates two production lines for high-frequency welding and sewing, and possesses advanced production equipment including high-frequency machines, voltage machines, large-scale computer prototypes, and laser cutting. Our products are exported to regions and countries including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Australia, and have earned consistent praise for quality from both domestic and international customers.

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Customer Review for waterproof Dry Bags manufacturer

“We are very satisfied with the team’s support, as they were able to customize and modify our bags and designs. The delivery speed of the products was fast, and the quality was excellent. The cooperation with this team was very pleasant, as they provided outstanding support throughout the product design process. Their services are based on sample customization, offering comprehensive customization options, along with strict quality control and final product inspection, which gives us great confidence.”

Three Advantages of Custom Waterproof Bag Manufacturing

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High-Level Craftsmanship for Custom Waterproof Bags

We have introduced advanced production equipment and implemented strict process control, adhering to ISO9001 quality management system certification to enhance production efficiency and product quality.Our stringent quality control system ensures that our products meet standards and have obtained certifications from reputable brands such as Rtic, Costco, Quiksilver, Coppel, Police, and Merrior.

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Design and R&D Capabilities for Custom Waterproof Bags

We have a professional design team capable of customizing designs to meet customer requirements.Proficient in CAD, SolidWorks, and other design software, we conduct structural design and simulation analysis.Continual technological research and innovation lead to competitive new products, backed by over 20 utility model patents and 6 design patents.

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Cost Control in Waterproof Bag Manufacturing

With an annual output value exceeding $150 million, we demonstrate strong cost control capabilities.We optimize production processes and management models to reduce production costs and increase efficiency.Negotiating with suppliers for favorable prices helps lower raw material procurement costs.Strengthening our independent R&D capabilities reduces technology transfer fees, contributing to cost reduction strategies.

Leading Custom Waterproof Bag Manufacturer Prioritizes Satisfaction

At our dry bag factory, we value customer feedback, like the above, which highlights our commitment to providing exceptional custom dry bags. As a leading waterproof bag manufacturer, we prioritize customer satisfaction through personalized solutions and rigorous quality control.

high-performance materials

As a custom dry bag manufacturer, we utilize high-performance materials for our products.

Waterproof Performance: Rainstorm Level Waterproof Structure
Outer Layer Material: Matte TPUMiddle Layer Material: 600D PolyesterInner Layer Material: Matte TPU
Abrasion and scratch resistant

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Custom Waterproof Dry Bag Options

If you require additional customization elements, please contact our sales representative for consultation.
Fabric Selection
PVC / TPU / 0.5MM 500D PVC Tarpaulin / 0.52MM 500D PVC Tarpaulin / Oxford cloth coated PVC  / Nylon coated PVC
Screen printing / UV printing / Drop plastic label / Hot embossing / Weaving marks / Wash the label
Ordinary waterproof zipper  / Airtight zipper / Rubber teeth zipper airtight zipper

Custom Dry Bag Customization Process

Inquiry with Us
Custom Design
Making Sample
Making Sample
Check Sample
Fast Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Cooler MAX is headquartered in Fujian, China, with 20 years of experience in producing dry bags. Our products are mainly sold to North America (60.00%), Southern Europe (30.00%), and Southeast Asia (10.00%). We have approximately 50 employees in total, including nearly 200 highly skilled workers.

We always provide pre-production samples for your confirmation before bulk production.

We follow standardized production processes.

We adhere to strict product quality inspection standards.

Outdoor dry bags, waterproof bags for fishing, cycling bags, cooler bags, tactical backpacks, and water sports bags.

We are specialized manufacturers of outdoor waterproof dry bag products.

We prioritize new product development and have a strong and experienced design team to provide rapid ODM services.

We emphasize quality to provide you with high-quality products, giving you peace of mind.

We offer 24/7 pre-sales and after-sales services to assist you throughout the order process and address any potential issues.

Accepted payment types: T/T, PayPal, and Western Union. Feel free to contact us via email for further discussions.

Details Handling for Custom Waterproof Dry Bag Manufacturer

High Quality Buckle

Breathable Back Cushion

Drain Valve

Mobile and strong belt

Front Bag With Window



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