Wholesale Custom personalized cooler tote bags

Premium Tote Cooler Distributor, Offering a Creative Range for Your Business Band & Promotion

Personalized Cooler Tote with Outstanding Performance

Polymeric double-sided TPU fabric

A safe and environmentally friendly material used in our wholesale cooler totes with excellent waterproof and insulated properties, remarkable abrasion resistance, and wrinkle resistance. The sturdy and durable material ensures prolonged usage

High-Frequency Seamless Welding Technology

Achieves 100% waterproof performance unaffected by external conditions. Perfect welding of the bottom TPU and EVA effectively prevents water seepage

Exceptional Insulation

Features IPX-7 grade waterproof airtight zippers and an ultra-thick 2.33cm PE insulation foam, effectively isolating external air and humidity. The insulation effect is outstanding, maintaining warmth for an extended period of 48-72 hours

Wholesale Cooler Totes with Customization Services

Support OEM/ODM bulk customization to comprehensively meet all your requirements for brand or promotion, creating a personalized cooler tote exclusively tailored to you and your brand


Offers an extra-large capacity ranging from 10-35L(more than 100 cans), catering to your essential space needs.


Weighs only 1/3 of a traditional hard cooler, lightening your travel burden for easier and smoother transportation.


Provides two or more carrying options. Equipped with an ergonomically designed adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable shoulder or hand carrying


Bold and exquisite cone-shaped design for an elegant appearance, making you the focal point of fashion in the new era.

Unique Designed Wholesale Cooler Totes Straps

The Perfect Fusion of Fashion and Practicality

Adjustable and Detachable, Personalized Carrying Options

The designer ingeniously integrates adjustable and detachable functions, allowing the straps to adapt to different body types. Additionally, various carrying options ensure that the wholesale cooler totes can showcase their unique personality in various situations, brand or promotion

Vibrant Appearance, Stylish Color Options

The insulate wholesale cooler totes offer a diverse range of appearance colors, from classic to trendy, catering to the different style preferences of your brand. Each color serves as a unique showcase for your brand, from blank to stylish colors

cooler bag manufacturer

Flat Design and Soft Shoulder Padding for Comfortable Carrying

The straps feature a distinctive flat design, complemented by soft shoulder padding, providing users with excellent comfort and making carrying the wholesale cooler totes an effortlessly enjoyable experience

Unique Designed cooler tote bag shape

A Seamless Blend of Brand Image and Utility

Stylish Patterns and Customized LOGO for Your promotional wholesale cooler totes Bag

The Tote Cooler Bag’s aesthetic design exudes a sense of fashion, offering a variety of pattern choices. Additionally, our customization service ensures that each bag showcases a unique brand through personalized logos.

Cone-Shaped Design for a Lightweight and Body-Adaptive Structure

The top of the bag body features a flat design, ensuring a high level of conformity to the body. The soft and lightweight material makes the Tote Cooler Bag a perfect companion for your daily carry, women friendly design even a little girl can deal with them.

New Mold Development, Customizable Compartments, and Free Design of External Pockets

Our capability for new mold development, customizable compartments to meet diverse needs, and the freedom to design external pockets allow you to effortlessly create the most practical wholesale cooler totes tailored to your preferences.

Dazzling Printing Options for cooler totes

We offer vibrant personalized printing solutions tailored to customer preferences for custom cooler bag, including silk screen and drop plastic printing methods

cooler bag screen print

Silk Screen Printing

Known for its wide applicability, strong three-dimensional effect, excellent light fastness, large format capacity, suitability for various inks, and cost-effectiveness

Drop Plastic Printing

Utilizing PVC thermoplastic raw materials with colorless and transparent characteristics, heated and shaped to form prints. This method boasts excellent chemical stability, weather resistance, and abrasion resistance, albeit at a higher cost

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