Custom Cooler Bags for Your Brand

When it comes to customizing promotional cooler bags for your business, Cooler MAX is your ultimate choice

Importance of Custom Cooler Bags for Brand Enhancement

Brand Exposure

Custom cooler bags offer significant exposure for your printed brand image, whether you’re a corporate entity, a social organization, a university, or any non-profit organization. We can imprint your brand, logo, and slogans on the bags, enhancing your brand value with our sturdy quality and diverse styles.

Mobile Advertising Impact

 Custom cooler bags provide increased brand exposure in public spaces such as parks, beaches, outdoor concerts, and more.

Personalized Display

Design dynamic elements for your business on top-quality custom cooler bags. These personalized items are not only popular promotional products but also enhance your brand’s individuality, resonating with the audience.

Elevating Brand Image

Custom printed promotional cooler bags make your brand more standardized, professional, and powerful, linking your brand concept with fashion and a healthy lifestyle.

Increasing Consumer Loyalty

Practical and high-quality, custom cooler bags contribute to increased consumer recognition and loyalty, thus elevating your company’s market position.

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Custom cooler bag showpiecce collection

Cooler Bag Series is a product designed to supply you with a convenient refrigeration solution. Crafted from carefully selected high-quality materials, ensuring the durability and insulation performance

Team Unity

Customized high-quality promotional cooler bags can serve as a symbol of identity for team members, fostering a sense of unity. Having uniformly sized high-quality cooler bags enhances team cohesion and promotes a sense of identity among team members.


Employee Welfare and Offering high-quality custom lunch bags as employee benefits or prizes provides practical life items. The logo on the bag serves as a constant motivation for employees, enhancing their sense of belonging to the organization.

Event Promotion Items

Custom branded cooler bags are ideal promotional products for various company events. Distributing custom bags with the company’s logo not only provides a useful life item but also leaves a lasting impression, with long-term practical value and effective advertising.

Gifts for Company Clients

Using custom insulated bags with the company logo as gifts for sponsors or partners contributes to the company’s brand value. It’s not just a business promotion tool but also brings more cooperation opportunities and potential clients.

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Benefits of Custom Promotional Cooler Bags

Why Choose Our Custom Promotional Cooler Bags

Diverse Styles

We offer a variety of custom cooler bags, from hand-carry coolers, backpack coolers, soft-sided coolers to wheeled coolers, catering to different transportation needs.

Unique Branding

Using durable screen printing, embroidered, embossing, and heat transfer techniques, we create a unique personalized appearance for your printed cooler bags, ensuring your logo stands out and receives maximum exposure.

Material Options

We have various materials available, including cotton, nylon, polyester, etc. Additionally, optional components such as zippers, buttons, and shoulder straps, along with a choice of external and internal materials, add personalized functionality to the customized cooler bags.

Our bulk orders are produced directly in the factory, ensuring they withstand the test of time. We prioritize quick delivery, with professional service from our creative department to assist with customization. Complete control over all aspects of bulk orders ensures faster delivery times, flexible customization capabilities, and accommodation of various budgets.

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Custom cooler bag Process

contact us for custom demand

Initial contact us to discuss about product needs, preferred styles via email and phone call

select style

Customer provides images or samples of desired products, printed logo designs to confirm and finalize choice

design confirmation

 Confirms logo design and provides price quote and production timeline

make and send sample

Customer pays fee to produce physical samples for customer approval and feedback

confirm customization

Deposit is made to us purchase materials and components to start custom production

factory production

Our quality team closely inspects on the entire assembly process to deliver products with top quality

settle balance

Remaining payment is made within mutually agreed payment terms prior to product delivery

arrange shipment

We ships finished custom cooler bags. Shipment is tracked to ensure successful arrival on schedule

after-sale service

We gives assistance with best serve for customer needs timely follow-up

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