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Wholesale Backpack Coolers

Backpack coolers are the ideal choice for adventure enthusiasts. The COOLER MAX backpack coolers are lightweight, portable, and designed with inspiration from hiking backpacks and tactical packs. The layout incorporates diverse suspension systems and external storage space, enhancing practicality and making it a reliable companion for adventurous journeys. We customize print styles based on your requirements, offering fair and affordable prices, with attention to detail at the core of our service.

Capacity of wholesale backpack coolers

As a professional backpack cooler manufacturer, we offer wholesale backpack coolers with a capacity ranging from 20 to 30 liters, striking a perfect balance between portability and ample storage space.
Usage Scenarios: Ideal for camping, picnics, hiking, river rafting, and other outdoor activities.

Excellent Insulation Performance

The middle layer is made of high-quality insulation materials such as extra-thick(2.33cm) PE foam, MBR, and EVA foam. It effectively isolates external hot air, maintaining a low temperature inside the backpack for an extended period.
The inner and outer layers of TPU and PVC exhibit excellent wear resistance and insulation properties.

NBR foam
NBR foam
PE foam
PE foam
EVA foam
EVA foam
high-frequency welding cooler

Outstanding Leak-Proof Technology for Wholesale Backpack Coolers

Utilizing high-frequency welding technology to achieve 100% waterproof and leak-proof capabilities.
Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and skilled technicians, we precisely control the manufacturing process to eliminate issues such as peeling and glue overflow, ensuring optimal insulation and leak-proof performance.
The outer layer is made of high-thickness TPU and PVC materials exceeding 600D, providing excellent abrasion resistance for backpack coolers in various environments.

Abundant Options for Expansion Space for wholesalers

To facilitate carrying wholesale backpack coolers while engaging in other activities, the backpack cooler manufacturer recognizes the importance of ample expansion space. This allows your customers to load as many personal items as possible onto the backpack coolers while fully immersing themselves in activities. COOLER MAX offers a variety of expansion pocket options for you.


Pockets with Waterproof Zippers
Can be placed on the front or on the sides with waterproof functionality, suitable for storing delicate and valuable small items such as phones and watches.

Elastic Mesh Pockets
Made of strong elastic threads, convenient for storing small items such as clothing, towels, maps, water bottles, etc. Can also be placed on the surface except for the bottom and the part in contact with the back.

Webbing Buckles and Loops
Convenient for hanging items such as keys and bottle openers, can be placed on the surface of the cooler pack except for the bottom and the part in contact with the back.

Comfortable Shoulder Straps and Back Padding

The shoulder straps, shoulder pads, and back padding are made of sandwich material and filled with white cotton material, which breathes and absorbs sweat, so that the user will not feel too much stress when carrying the backpack. The removable and adjustable waist belt and chest strap disperse weight and prevent the backpack from swaying. The comfortable double-padded mesh shoulder straps, along with the adjustable waist belt and chest strap, provide a light and easy feel when worn, ensuring excellent comfort for both hiking and prolonged activities.

Factory Certifications and Strength of Wholesale Backpack Coolers

COOLER MAX is a leading cooler backpack manufacturer in China, specializing in providing high-quality wholesale cooler backpack products. The factory holds certifications for ISO9001 Quality Management System, Weapon Equipment Quality Management System (National Military Standard), and has successfully passed BSCI audits. Additionally, the factory has undergone various factory audits from multiple collaborative clients such as Rtic, Costco, Quiksilver, Coppel, Police, Merrior, and more.
With 20 utility model patents and 6 design patents, COOLER MAX focuses on using high-quality materials, meticulous attention to every detail, and excellent craftsmanship as a custom cooler bag manufacturer. Competitive pricing and abundant production capacity make us an economical and effective choice for temperature-controlled transportation. Our dedication and enthusiasm continue to set us apart from other suppliers, ensuring that your orders receive the best quality and service.

Thoughtful Design for Wholesale Backpack Coolers

Layered Design

The backpack coolers feature a layered design, facilitating the organized categorization of ingredients. This design effectively prevents food items from mixing flavors, making it convenient to store and retrieve items in separate layers.

Layered Design cooler

Sit Strap with Sturdy Velcro

Equipped with a sit strap and reliable Velcro, the backpack cooler can securely fasten to vehicles such as kayaks and speedboats. This ensures that you can focus on your activities without worrying about the cooler falling off during transit.

Backpack Cooler Openings

Designed with various pocket openings, including roll tops and zippers, providing flexible storage options.

Robust Base

Robust Base

The backpack coolers utilize high-strength, abrasion-resistant materials for the base, effectively preventing wear and tear.

Carry Handles

Equipped with sturdy carry handles for convenient short-distance carrying.

Carry Handles
Sapphire blue Interior

Sapphire blue Interior

The interior features a bright orange color, offering a clear visual that makes it easy to spot small items, even in dim lighting conditions.

Soft and Comfortable Lining

The cooler’s interior lining is soft and comfortable, while the exterior material is tough and smooth. This not only facilitates easy cleaning but also utilizes breathable fabric to prevent condensation inside.

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