Factory Wholesale Outdoor Waterproof Lunch Cooler Tote Bags

Description of Factory Wholesale Outdoor Waterproof Lunch Cooler Tote Bags

The features of the “Factory Wholesale Outdoor Waterproof Lunch Cooler Tote Bags”. Crafted with precision and expertise, these tote bags exemplify excellence in design and functionality. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their key attributes:

Premium Material: Constructed from high-quality TPU material, these tote bags offer durability and resilience against outdoor elements, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Waterproof Design: Featuring a waterproof construction, these tote bags keep your food and beverages safe and dry, making them ideal for outdoor picnics, camping, and travel.
Spacious Interior: With a customized size, these tote bags offer ample storage space for your lunch, snacks, and beverages, providing convenience and versatility on the go.
Customizable Features: Customize these tote bags with your logo or design, allowing for brand personalization and promotional opportunities.
Eco-Friendly Construction: Made with eco-friendly materials, these tote bags align with sustainable practices, reducing environmental impact without compromising quality.
OEM/ODM Services: Benefit from OEM and ODM services, ensuring that your specific requirements are met with precision and efficiency.
Quick Lead Time: With a lead time of only 5 days for small quantities and negotiable lead times for larger orders, these tote bags offer swift delivery to meet your deadlines.
Quality Assurance: Produced under strict quality control measures, these tote bags undergo thorough inspections to ensure superior quality and reliability.
Cost-Effective Solution: With competitive pricing and bulk discounts available for wholesale orders, these tote bags offer excellent value for money.
Responsive Customer Service: With a 5-star rating for supplier service and on-time delivery, rest assured of professional assistance and timely shipments.
In summary, the “”Factory Wholesale Outdoor Waterproof Lunch Cooler Tote Bags”” are a top choice for businesses seeking high-quality, customizable, and cost-effective solutions for outdoor dining and travel needs. With their waterproof design, spacious interior, and eco-friendly construction, these tote bags offer unmatched performance and versatility. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your brand with these wholesale cooler totes, designed to meet your specific requirements with precision and excellence.

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Certificate of Factory Wholesale Outdoor Waterproof Lunch Cooler Tote Bags

FAQ of Cooler and Waterproof Cooler MAX Bags

1. What is the material of your waterproof and cooler bags?
A: It is made from a powerful TPU, 10 times stronger than a cheap vinyl version.
2. Do you have a professional certificate?
A: Of course. Our products have passed ROHS, IPX7, and ISO, the quality must be guaranteed, and you can buy them free of charge.
3. Can I use my bag in the water?
A: Yes, you can operate the phone in the water. It is used for boating, fishing, surfing, swimming, diving, and any other
outdoor sports.
4. Can the bag be submerged in the water?
A: In order to solve this problem, we add EVA to the bag, so you do not need to worry about your BAG drowning.
5. What is the price of your package?
A: We chose the best material to do this package, so maybe our product price is more expensive than others, but
the quality and service is the best.