Top 5 Cooler Bag Manufacturers in South Africa

Explore top Cooler Bag Manufacturers in South Africa. Seeking reliable suppliers? China's advantages include cost-effectiveness and skilled labor. With 20 years of experience, we recommend industry-leading manufacturers like Jolyn Bags, Azul Wear, Buzz Sourcing, Creative Lime, and TopmarkSA for quality and customized solutions.
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Are you in search of reliable cooler bag manufacturers in South Africa, planning to venture into a new ice pack business, or considering establishing a wholesale distribution business for cooler bags in South Africa? Compared to other countries, China offers advantages such as low cost, large-scale production, and highly skilled production workers with convenient transportation networks.

With nearly 20 years of experience in cooler bag manufacturing, we aim to assist you by recommending top-notch cooler bag manufacturers and distributors in South Africa based on their experience, reputation, and exceptional services. Of course, we have been providing the best custom cooler bag production services and professional export services in China, helping you smoothly navigate the entire procurement process and ensuring you obtain the highest quality products and services at the most favorable prices.

Jolyn Bags

Established Year: 1981

Location: Benoni

Industry: Manufacturing, Trade

Introduction: Jolyn Bags engages in trade, producing stationery, packaging, and promotional products. They are renowned cooler bag manufacturers in South Africa, utilizing high-frequency welding, hand binding, or sewing techniques based on customer requirements. Materials used include leather, faux leather, PU, PVC, 600D nylon, tear-resistant canvas, and more.

Azul Wear

Established Year: 2007

Location: Angola, Botswana, and other Southern African countries

Industry: Trade

Introduction: Azul Wear is one of the fastest-growing suppliers in the South African safety workwear, corporate and medical uniform, and promotional products industry. They offer customized branded clothing, promotional and corporate gifts, as well as displays. Emphasizing innovation and creativity, they provide high-quality embroidery and printing solutions, offering the right brand solutions for customers with decades of experience and excellent customer service and support.

Buzz Sourcing

Established Year: 2007

Location: Johannesburg

Industry: Procurement, Manufacturing, Trade

Introduction: Buzz Sourcing focuses on procurement, manufacturing, and brand promotion, meeting every customer’s requirements at highly competitive prices. Their products and services include but are not limited to consumables, clothing, novelty items, and the procurement of specially designed and manufactured items.

Creative Lime

Established Year: 2005

Location: Johannesburg

Industry: Trade

Introduction: Creative Lime is a corporate gift company with expertise in various key areas. They provide in-house graphic design, a full range of printing services, promotional gifts, and clothing – offering a diverse range from inexpensive giveaways to high-end executive gifts. They also offer in-house embroidery services.


Established Year: 1987

Location: Johannesburg

Industry: Trade Introduction: TopmarkSA, established in 1987 and headquartered in Johannesburg, is an outstanding company in the trade sector. The company manufactures and sells a variety of products, including luggage, travel bags, sports bags, executive bags, cooler backpacks, and other products related to the luggage industry. Additionally, they focus on producing laptop bags, lunch bags, and travel accessories. TopmarkSA is a well-known cooler bag manufacturer in South Africa, recognized for its excellent product quality and extensive product line.


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